Monday, 14 February 2011

A sunny day

After a walk I am here in the studio working on some new shapes for spring /summer and winter 2011
This is my favorite of the moment hand blocked and shaped with a cotton silk band and cotton embroidered Victorian black button . 
My astrakan  band recycled from a coat of my grandma's which on altering happily found out that is was faux astrakan, made so well i had been fooled, this piece i love to wear round my neck, it's both stylish and cozy .
This is a head band silk tulle with a victorian silk organza trim detail, which too a unique little neck piece worn round your neck over a polo neck,or round the wrist too .
This is a large brooch come hair piece made with vintage satin silk ribbon from the 1900's with a feather and cream and turtle shell stone detail.      
This piece i made while living in New York I love working with cord, this is the most abstract shape I made.The others were more cloche shaped, will look out some photos to post soon .

I love these two ladies I found whilst looking through some old photos I picked up, I love the trim and tall bit narrow shape of the hats, in those days no woman left their house without there hat!

  a close up of the above.

  My new materials arrived and I hope to have something nice to show you very soon until then here are some of my favorites.


Hazel Terry said...

Love the asymetric wave in the top image stunning. x

Gill Connon said...

The back-drop for the first photo is by Alejandro Garmendia,I love the atmosphere he creates in his work you can see more at and he has some videos which are interesting too :